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The links above go to a searchable resource list of thousands of foods that have been evaluated by doctors who practice with the Carroll Food Intolerance Method for improving the health and outcomes of their patients.

If you are a user of the Carroll Food Intolerance Method, this web application will significantly improve your health by helping you avoid foods that contain contain your Intolerance.

Simply select your Primary Intolerance(s) and Combination(s) to get a list of foods that is custom prepared just for you.

Your Food Intolerances are your primary source of total body inflammation and toxemia, which leads to illness.

Enjoy this Application as you search for foods that do not contain your Food Intolerance.


‚ÄčThis application is intended for patients of Naturopathic Doctors who have been prescribed a specific diet based on the Carroll Food Intolerance Method.

This list of foods is for patient information only and is not to be used to question manufacturing practices or dispute product quality. Food processing, handling and packaging can all affect your individual intolerance of the food item.

Please, do not call the company or manufacture of the food product to question the ingredients. Manufactures are often not aware of food additives used in processing the ingredients of their product . And, individual personal health differences may cause various reactions to foods, whether they are an Intolerance for you or not.

This application is a guide for you. How you feel after you eat a particular food is what is important. Avoid any food that does not agree with you.