Traditional Methods of Naturopathy

The most innovative modern Naturopath in history was Dr. Otis G. Carroll. The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing provides post doctoral learning opportunities for Doctors of Naturopathy to greatly enhance their vitalistic practice by learning these advanced therapeutics for clinical care. 


The Carroll Institute Of Natural Healing is a (501c3) non-profit organization with a mission to carry on the classical naturopathic therapeutic and diagnostic techniques utilized
 by Dr. Otis G. Carroll, his peers and apprentices.

The tried and true methods of Naturopathy are the basis of Nature Cure, as Nature Cure is Naturopathy. This institute was formed to provide post-doctoral learning opportunities in Naturopathic Medicine. 

This will ensure traditional effective methodologies are not lost or forgotten, so that future generations of physicians and patients will benefit from this knowledge.

Carroll Method

Listen to what Dr. Jarred Zeff, ND has to say about the Carroll Method and why it matters. . . .

Carroll Institute Software for allergies database

The Carroll Food Intolerance Method

Access a searchable Food Intolerance database of thousands of products. . . [here]


We provide training in the methods of Dr. Otis G. Carroll and honor him by naming this the Carroll Institute of Natural Healing.

Naturopathy advanced from “water cure” to
clinical applications of therapeutics under his brilliance. These modalities are tested and true for 100 years now and continuing.

If you are a Doctor of Naturopathy and want to advance your practice and skills in restoring health for your patients, then these are vital courses for you to attend. For more information and scheduling click [here]