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General Accepted Practices For The Carroll Method

In order to preserve the integrity of The Carroll Food Intolerance Method®, we are entrusting you with a sacred knowledge that we have held close to us in order to protect and hold for future Naturopaths and Naturopathy. As a carrier of this method forward, we ask of you to acknowledge and accept these important tenets:

As a practitioner of The Carroll Food Intolerance Method®, The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing grants you the use of the term: “The Carroll Food Intolerance Method®”, so long as you abide by the following:

  1. You only use this method for your own patients (or see #7 below).
  2. You do not solicit or recruit patients from other ND practices.
  3. Acknowledge that this method is to be used for ND’s only and not other medical practitioners or health care providers: i.e., as in RD, PT, health coaches, DC, MD, etc.
  4. You will not represent this as a “lab test’ or “lab procedure”.
  5. You will not represent this as an “allergy test”.
  6. You will not represent yourself as a “lab”.
  7. You agree not to run samples for other doctors unless written approval from the Carroll
    Institute. You may seek special licensing arrangements to do so.