The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing is a (501c3) non-profit organization with a mission to carry on the Classical Naturopathic therapeutic and diagnostic techniques utilized
by Dr. Otis G. Carroll, his peers and apprentices. The tried and true methods of Naturopathy are the basis of Nature Cure, as Nature Cure is Naturopathy. This institute was formed to provide post-graduate learning opportunities in Naturopathic Medicine. This will ensure traditional effective methodologies are not lost or forgotten, so that future generations of physicians and patients will benefit from this knowledge.

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The Ultimate Text In Constitutional Hydrotherapy.

This is a teaching text, designed principally for Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine who will practice Classical Naturopathy with the use of Constitutional Hydrotherapy. Healing IS natural! By supporting the patient’s own healing abilities with the tried and true methods employed by Dr. Otis G. Carroll, Dr. Harold Dick, and currently used by Dr. Letitia Dick-Kronenberg, Naturopaths can achieve the deepest healing for their patients.

This text includes in-depth explanation of the variations of Constitutional Hydrotherapy used in a clinical setting, as well as accompanying diagnostic and therapeutic procedures utilized in a Classical Naturopathic practice. Clinical patient cases are discussed along with philosophy and case management. Buy Book

Constitutional Hydrotherapy Instructional DVD and Clinical Charting Guidelines.

This is an instructional DVD for training your technician, or as a reminder for yourself, in the seven basic variations of constitutional hydrotherapy.

The training cards show the charting of each of these variations as well as the step-by- step process of the therapy. These charts are meant to be used in the therapy area and are protected with a thick laminate so that they will stand up to being handled by wet hands.

The charts are double sided and are indispensible to your constitutional hydrotherapy practice. The seven variations of the constitutional hydrotherapy include Standard, Sine Wave Variation, Reversed, Diathermy, “42” variation, High Frequency, and Pregnancy protocol. These are the protocols discussed and demonstrated in the training DVD. From this informative set you will be able to utilize your constitutional hydrotherapy unit in your practice to it’s fullest potential.

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Bolen Blood Chart

This laminated 11 X 17 poster of photographs illustrates for educational purposes only, the various images you may encounter while looking through your microscope at your patient’s sample. This chart demonstrates 12 images plus an additional six images of before/after cases.

This is extremely useful in case management for the Vitalist Naturopath.

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